Clean Toilet Pipes - featured image

6 Effective Ways To Clean Toilet Pipes And Remove Clogs

Clogged toilet pipes can bring about a great deal of inconvenience as they can lead to overflowing toilets and unpleasant odours. Thankfully, you can clean toilet pipes with the right tools and cleaning methods.  In this article, we’ll highlight the common causes of this problem, cover some of the...
Person spraying Selleys RP7 on a pliers

18 Unique Ways To Use Selleys RP7: The Ultimate All-Purpose Spray

Selleys RP7 is a trusted and versatile spray that’s famous for its wide array of applications. It’s perfect for home improvement projects such as removing rust and protecting metal furniture from corrosion. In this article, we’ll be diving into some of the unique ways you can utilise this multipurpose...
Person mopping the vinyl flooring using Selleys Floor Cleaner

How To Clean Vinyl Flooring: 5 Easy Steps With Tips

Vinyl flooring is popular amongst homeowners for its long lifespan of 10 to 20 years. It’s also affordable and a great waterproof option for wet areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. To ensure that your flooring lasts a long time, you need to clean it properly with the...
Person wearing black gloves cleaning grout

7 Simple Methods For Cleaning Grout With Tips For Maintenance

As grout lies between the slightly raised surfaces of tiles, it’s prone to trapping dirt, hair and grime. Mould and mildew can also grow on grout in areas with high moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, making the place unsightly and unhygienic. Thankfully, cleaning grout is easy, requiring only...