Apr 2023

Selleys RP7 is a trusted and versatile spray that’s famous for its wide array of applications. It’s perfect for home improvement projects such as removing rust and protecting metal furniture from corrosion.

In this article, we’ll be diving into some of the unique ways you can utilise this multipurpose spray. Read on to uncover the magical secrets of RP7, and how you can harness its power to make your life a cinch!

Uses Of Selleys RP7

From lubricating metallic tools to protecting electrical components in appliances, Selleys RP7 is one of the most reliable solutions for all your home improvement needs and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects.

For rust removal

Selleys RP7 is useful for removing rust from metallic items and surfaces.

1. Quiet squeaky hinges and joints 

Do your doors or windows creak when you open and close them? If so, RP7 serves as an excellent solution to silence those noises. It’s specially formulated to penetrate rust and provide long-lasting lubrication, effectively reducing any pesky squeaking sounds.

This all-rounded spray is suitable for use on door hinges, wheels and toys. They can even be used on squeaky chairs!

2. Loosen rusted bolts, nuts and screws

Before and after rusted screws with RP7

Selleys RP7 seeps into the tight spaces between threads and breaks down rust and other particle deposits. This reduces friction, making it easier to turn or remove any screws, bolts, nuts or fasteners that are stuck.

For rust and corrosion prevention

RP7 also helps to prevent corrosion and the buildup of rust.

3. Protect electrical components from water damage 

Electrical components that are susceptible to corrosion and water damage can be safeguarded with RP7. A couple of sprays are enough to effectively shield appliances like switches, wiring harnesses, spark plugs and wet engines from moisture and rust.

4. Protect metal surfaces from rust

Selleys RP7 can be sprayed onto metal surfaces such as steel and aluminium to provide long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion.

This is a simple yet effective way of maintaining the lifespan of your tools, bicycles and gardening equipment.

For cleaning

With its unique blend of solvents, RP7 can be used to dissolve dirt and grime to keep surfaces clean.

5. Dissolve tough dirt and grime

In certain scenarios, Selleys RP7 can double up as a degreaser. It’s especially useful for cleaning rusty stainless steel and removing built-up residue from machine parts and equipment such as engines, gears and bicycle chains.

6. Remove sticky adhesive 

Before and after using Selleys RP7 on sticky residue

As RP7 is a solvent with penetrating abilities, it’s able to remove stubborn adhesives left behind by stickers and labels. It can be used on surfaces such as glass, metal and plastic.

However, before attempting to remove the sticky residue from any surface or wall, we recommend testing the RP7 solution on a small, inconspicuous area. This ensures that any damage or discolouration caused by the solution will be limited to a small area, instead of the entire surface. 

7. Clean permanent marker stains 

Permanent ink might not be so permanent in the face of Selleys RP7.

This reliable multipurpose spray has properties that allow it to remove permanent marker ink from a variety of surfaces such as plastic, metal and glass. It can even be used to clean your whiteboard

With its powerful formula, RP7 dissolves the ink, making it easier to wipe away with a damp cloth or paper towel.


The effectiveness of RP7 in removing permanent marker ink may vary depending on the formula of the specific ink stain as well as the surface on which it’s used.

8. Get rid of scuff marks 

Scuff marks on your walls, floors and furniture can be quite unsightly. Fortunately, Selleys RP7 can help to get rid of these blemishes.

Just spray a small amount of RP7 on the scuff mark and let it sit for a few minutes. The product’s powerful cleansing properties will work to break down the mark, allowing for easy cleaning with a damp cloth.

9. Remove chewing gum

If you find yourself in a sticky situation and need to remove chewing gum that’s stuck on a surface, RP7 can be a helpful solution.

Simply spray a small amount of the product onto the chewing gum and let it sit for a few minutes. The penetrating oil in RP7 can help loosen the gum’s grip, making it easier to remove.

For displacing moisture

When applied on surfaces, Selleys RP7 forms a protective coating that can displace moisture.

10. Start wet motors 

If a motor or engine is exposed to moisture, it may be difficult to start. By spraying a small amount of RP7, you can displace the moisture that’s interfering with the spark plugs, ignition system or other components.

11. Prevent the buildup of snow on windows

House with snow buildup on the roof

Do you know that Selleys RP7 can be a valuable tool for combating the buildup of snow on your windows? To prevent snow from sticking to the glass, simply spray some RP7 on the outside of your windows before snow starts falling.

This will create a protective layer that makes it easier to clean your windows and improves visibility during snowy weather conditions.

Other unique uses

Being incredibly versatile, Selleys RP7 can be utilised in a number of unconventional ways that you may not have considered before.

12. Soften paint brushes

Before and after using Selleys RP7 on paint brushes

Did you know that Selleys RP7 can be used to soften paint brushes that have become stiff from dried paint?

Artists, painting professionals and homeowners alike can rely on this versatile spray to soften the bristles of their paint brushes. Simply spray the brushes with RP7 and wait a few minutes for the bristles to become softer.

Afterwards, rinse off the solution with warm water and soap, and the brush will be ready to create a new masterpiece!

13. Create quirky artwork 

With its ability to displace moisture and provide a protective layer on surfaces, RP7 can be used to create extravagant textures and effects in artwork.

Artists can use RP7 to create a crackle effect by applying it over a coat of paint. This adds texture and visual interest to their art pieces. Additionally, the solution can be used to selectively remove areas of paint from a surface, creating a distressed or weathered look.

Whether it’s used to enhance an existing artwork or as the foundation for a new piece, RP7 can offer artists a fun and experimental way to add a distinct and unusual touch to their work.

14. Revive dull plastic furniture 

Give your dull and faded furniture a new lease of life with the help of RP7. By spraying and wiping your furniture with the solution, you can restore its colour and shine and give it a fresh new look!


To maintain the appearance and durability of your plastic furniture, use proper cleaning supplies to prevent dirt and grime buildup. Neglecting to do so can cause discolouration and even make the plastic brittle and prone to breaking.

15. Keep your tools splinter-free 

To prevent the wood handles of your tools from splintering, spray a generous amount of RP7 on the wood. This can protect the wood from moisture and other corrosive elements, keeping it smooth and splinter-free.

16. Keep pesky pigeons away 

Pigeons can be a nuisance when they roost on your property, but Selleys RP7 can offer an effective solution to keep them away. The scent of RP7 is known to be off-putting to pigeons, so spraying the solution on areas where they gather can discourage them from returning. 

Additionally, RP7 causes surfaces to be slick and uncomfortable for pigeons to land on, making your property less attractive for them to gather at.


As RP7 fumes are non-consumable, we don’t recommend using it on areas or surfaces that come in contact with food, such as the kitchen and dining table.

17. Loosen stuck piano keys 

When piano keys become stuck, Selleys RP7 can lubricate and loosen them, restoring their movement. This ensures that your piano is always operating at its best.

18. Kill weeds

Person wearing gloves holding weeds

For those of you who have a garden to maintain, you’ll be surprised to know that Selleys RP7 can be used to kill off pesky weeds too!

Spraying the solution on the leaves and stems of weeds will clog their pores and prevent them from absorbing water. Gradually, this will cause the weeds to wither and die.


Because of its strong chemical composition, RP7 has the potential to damage or even kill plants. Therefore, we recommend using RP7 with care when removing weeds.

FAQs About The Uses Of Selleys RP7

Selleys RP7 can be safely applied on the following materials:
Magnesium alloys
Rusted parts

We don’t recommend using Selleys RP7 on wooden tables, as it could cause staining or leave an oily residue on the surface. The solution is primarily designed for application on metal and electrical components. 

For optimal results, we recommend following the directions provided on the product label.

RP7 can be safely used on rubber, paintwork, and most plastics. Spraying the solution on these surfaces shouldn’t result in any damage or discolouration.

However, if you’re uncertain about its compatibility with a particular material, we recommend testing the solution on a small, inconspicuous area first.