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Gentilin Air Compressor C330

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Gentilin Air Compressor C330


Availability: For Trade Only

Gentilin Air Compressor C330 is a compact, yet powerful and hardy device suitable for use in a wide range of projects. This includes heavy-duty painting and plastering of exterior and interior walls.


  • Height-adjustable handle for easy transport
  • High-performance compact device
  • Economical oil-free pump unit to minimise service costs

Product is for trade users only and is not available for sale online. For enquiries, please fill up our Contact Us form.

Attribute Name Value
Motor Output

3 hp

Tank Capacity

3 L

Max. Operating Pressure

10 bar

Piston Displacement

330 l/min

Receiver Capacity

200 l/min


1400 rpm


80 dB(A)


32 kg

How Does the Gentilin Air Compressor C330 Work?

Like most air compressors, the C330 functions by using electric power to force air through a pump into a tank. This is where air begins to build in pressure and potential energy. This creates pressurized air that can be used for high-power spray painting, sand-blasting and grinding.


Other Features of the Gentilin Air Compressor C330

The air compressor can be used with attachments like the Selleys Texture Paint Spray Gun MSG-003 for various projects. It also comes with these features to allow for more convenient use:

• Portable

The Gentilin Air Compressor C330 is a compact yet high-power system designed for easy transportation. It is good for:

  • Navigating difficult outdoor terrain and stairs
  • Smaller plastering and spray paint jobs at home or construction sites

• Oil-free

The compressor is oil-free making it a less pricey option as users do not need to spend money on routine oil changes. This allows the machine to be more lightweight as well, making it ideal for both commercial and domestic use.

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