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Selleys Texture Spray Gun MSG-003

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Selleys Texture Spray Gun MSG-003


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Selleys Texture Spray Gun MSG-003 lets you create textures from imitation stone to sand for your walls and ceilings.


  • 4L gravity-feed metal hopper
  • Versatile and universal spray gun
  • Spray nozzle with various diameter
  • Adjustment knob to control outgoing air
  • Recommended for:
    ○ Exterior textured wall applications
    ○ Colour sand spraying
    ○ Imitation stone effect coating

Out of stock

Attribute Name Value

Stainless steel

Working Pressure

4 – 7 bar / 60 – 100 psi


4 L


1.1 kg

Steps for Using the Texture Spray Gun on Walls

Here are the main steps you can take when creating a textured look for your wall:

  1. Clean off any dust or dirt from the drywall.
  2. Apply a primer using a texture spray gun and compressor for a clean application.
  3. Use a paint mixer to mix the texture compound with water or solvent.
  4. Pour the material into the hopper of the Selleys Texture Spray Gun MSG-003.
  5. Test the spray pattern on a small wall section and adjust the air pressure knob to achieve your desired texture (e.g. popcorn, orange peel).
  6. Spray the compound onto the wall in a circular motion while maintaining a consistent movement throughout the application.
  7. Allow it to dry before applying a coat of paint with an electric air sprayer or airless sprayer for a good, finished look.

Create interesting, professional-grade paint jobs for your walls and ceilings with Selleys Singapore’s texture paint sprayers. Get yours here today!

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