Jul 2020 Beginner 2 Hour(s)

If you’re stuck for a gift idea this Mother’s Day, we have the perfect idea for you thats easy to make, personalised and straight from the heart!

What You Need

  • Selleys Aquadhere
  • Wooden chopping board or serving tray
  • Image printed onto paper with an Ink Jet printer
  • Bowl of water

How To

  1. Liberally apply Selleys Aquadhere to your wooden serving tray.
  2. Apply the image, image side down and smooth out any air bubbles. 
  3. Wait until it’s dry to touch – ideally a few hours.
  4. With wet fingers, gently rub away the the paper. You will start to see the image imprinted on your tray.
  5. Apply a thin layer of Selleys Aquadhere and leave to dry. This will help to seal the image.
  6. Voila! Give to mum and watch her face light up.

Handy Tips 

  • Don’t allow food to be in direct contact with the tray.
  • Clean by wiping over with a damp cloth rather than submerging with water.