Spray Paint Machines and Equipment

As a subsidiary of Nippon Paint Singapore, Selleys provides high-quality, reliable spray paint machines and equipment for DIY enthusiasts and contractors in Singapore.

We understand that different projects come with different needs and requirements. Thus, we offer a wide selection of equipment and accessories from electric air sprayers to airless sprayers, textured coating machines and more.

Browse our range at Selleys Singapore and find the ideal solution to your needs today!


Planning to give your home a fresh new look? Look no further! We offer a curated range of spray equipment specifically designed for home DIY projects.

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Trust Selleys professional spraying equipment to handle any project with precision and ease. Discover our range of equipment, such as electric air sprayers, airless sprayers, textured coating, and painting accessories.

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Our Products


Find a wide range of accessories and attachments to pair with your spray paint machines here. Change up your nozzles and filters to meet your project needs accordingly today!

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Airless Spray

Do you need a spray machine that can easily coat your surfaces with a good finish? Our airless sprayers might just be the equipment you need. View our selection to find the perfect solution to your needs today.

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Electric Air Spray

Our electric air sprayers are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. Browse the range here.

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Textured Coating

At Selleys, our spray equipment allows you to achieve the ideal texture and look on your walls, furniture and more. Browse our selection of textured coating machines here.

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Our repair and maintenance service

Nippon Paint Singapore offers its customers worldwide service and extensive support options. At our Service Centre, you can always be sure of finding the right contact person for all your technical questions

Technology you can rely on
With your spraying equipment, you already have a reliable basis for a top-quality production operation. If you have any questions on optimizing your production runs or analyzing any errors that occur, you can call on the expertise of the Nippon Paint service team.

Service & maintenance
The regular maintenance of your equipment ensures exceptionally reliable processes. Problems can be identified and eliminated before they develop. This prevents unexpected repairs and downtimes.

The most recent developments and updates can be extremely useful for your processes. We are happy to pass this knowledge on to you. In our technology centre we can identify the most cost-effective solution for your needs.