Jan 2023

When it comes to keeping your floor clean, it’s important to use the right solution for the job. However, with so many different products on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. 

To help you in your search, we’ve compiled a list of floor cleaner liquids so you can definitely find one that works for you!

​Disclaimer: This article is meant to be a general resource and not as a form of endorsement for any of the featured products. Please do your own research before making a purchase.

Floor Cleaner Liquids For All Surfaces

Let us introduce some of our favourite floor cleaners that are perfect for all surfaces. Whether your floor is in dire need of a good scrub or just a quick cleanse, these liquids will have it sparkling clean in no time.

1. Ajax Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Product image Ajax Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Suitable for: Marble, tiles, parquet, terrazzo, cement, linoleum

Safe to use on most surfaces, Ajax Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Cleaner will leave your floor shining bright. The powerful grease-cutting formula takes care of tough stains and leaves a pleasant smell after every mop. Plus, it can eliminate up to 99% of harmful bacteria.

Product details
Fragrance: Lavender, apple
Size: 2L, 3L
Price: $6.20 – $6.50

2. Bio-home Lemongrass and Green Tea Floor Cleaner

Product image Bio-home Lemongrass and Green Tea Floor Cleaner

Suitable for: Marble, wood, tiles

Bio-home Lemongrass and Green Tea Floor Cleaner offers an environmentally friendly option to chemical-based cleaners. It’s formulated with non-toxic, plant-based ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

It can effectively remove stains on most types of surfaces and leaves behind a fresh, clean scent. 

Product details
Fragrance: Lemongrass and green tea
Size: 1.5L
Price: $6.95 – $8.20

3. Cif Floor Cleaner Degreaser

Product image Cif Floor Cleaner Degreaser

Suitable for: Sealed wooden floorboards, vinyl, linoleum, glazed and unglazed ceramic, quarry tiles

Specially formulated to eliminate the toughest grease and oil-based soils, this cleaner dries quickly so that you can get back to your daily activities right away. 

The no-rinse formula is designed for cleaning in food service and factories where floors can become heavily soiled. Additionally, it doesn’t leave behind any stickiness. 

Product details
Fragrance: Scentless
Size: 5L
Price: $22.90

4. Dettol Multi Action Cleaner

Product image - Dettol Multi Action Cleaner

Suitable for: All washable hard surfaces

Dettol Multi Action Cleaner has been proven to be effective against the Covid-19 virus and can remove 99.99% of germs. It’s suitable for use on a variety of surfaces and works well on stubborn stains.

This all-purpose floor cleaner is available in 4 refreshing scents so you can choose the perfect one for your home. 

Product details
Fragrance: Citrus, green apple, jasmine, lavender
Size: 2.5L
Price: $8.85 – $9.85

5. Magiclean Floor Cleaner

Product image - Magiclean Floor Cleaner

Suitable for: Ceramic, porcelain and homogeneous tiles, marble, stone, wood, laminate, parquet, vinyl

Magiclean Floor Cleaner contains the unique Magnet Tech formula that eliminates oil stains and grease thoroughly. It dries quickly and doesn’t leave behind any watermarks or stickiness. 

Also, it kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and is suitable for most floor types. Your home won’t only be clean but also free of germs.

Product details
Fragrance: Lavender, lemon, floral, green apple
Size: 3L
Price: $6.45

6. Selleys Concentrated Floor Cleaner

Product image - Selleys Concentrated Floor Cleaner

Suitable for: Tiles, polished concrete, terrazzo, stone, marble, wood, vinyl

This pH7-balanced floor cleaner can easily remove grease, grime and odours. The non-sticky formulation contains liquid wax polymer which is able to treat fine hairline scratches. 

Furthermore, it adds an extra shiny finish that prevents further dirt penetration. Selleys Concentrated Floor Cleaner is definitely one of the items to add to your list when you’re shopping for cleaning supplies

Product details
Fragrance: Scentless
Size: 1L
Price: $14.98


Following the right cleaning steps and techniques is as important as purchasing the right floor cleaner liquid. If you have vinyl flooring at home, learn how to clean your vinyl flooring the right way with our guide!

Floor Cleaner Liquid For Marble

Using the wrong type of cleaner can destroy your gorgeous marble flooring. Floor cleaners specially formulated for marble flooring are designed to break down dirt and grime without damaging the surface. Here are some options to consider. 

7. Magiclean Crystal Shine

Product image - Magiclean Crystal Shine

Magiclean Crystal Shine is designed to keep your delicate marble flooring sparkling clean. Formulated with advanced technology from Japan, this powerful solution does a great job of removing dirt and stains, leaving your floor with a beautiful shine.

Product details
Fragrance: Scentless
Size: 1.8L
Price: $7.95

8. Mr Muscle 3 in 1 Floor Cleaner

Product image - Mr Muscle 3 in 1 Floor Cleaner

Regular household cleaners may be too harsh for marble floorings. Thus, it’s important to use a product that’s specifically formulated for marble floors, like Mr Muscle 3 in 1 Floor Cleaner. 

This product is made with a unique wax formulation specially catered for cleaning marble and terrazzo surfaces. Thanks to this formula, your floor will look sparkling new again.

Product details
Fragrance: Scentless
Size: 2L
Price: $10.10

Floor Cleaner Liquid For Wood

A number of cleaners on the market are specifically designed for wooden floors. They’re gentle enough to protect your flooring while still getting rid of dirt and grime. The following products can keep your wooden floor looking beautiful for years to come.

9. Libman Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner

Product image - Libman Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner

Libman Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner is great for removing scuff marks and sticky soil on wooden flooring. It can also re-nourish wood and conceal minor scratches without leaving any residue. Moreover, it leaves behind a citrus scent that refreshes your room.

Product details
Fragrance: Citrus
Size: 0.9L
Price: $22 – $29

10. Selleys Timber Floor Cleaner

Product image - Selleys Timber Floor Cleaner

You can have the most beautiful wooden floor in your home, but if it isn’t properly cleaned and maintained, it won’t stay looking its best.

Selleys Timber Floor Cleaner is a product you can trust when it comes to taking care of your wooden flooring. It breaks down dirt and grime, leaving behind a streak-free finish after every mop. Also, it helps to restore the natural shine of your floor. 

Product details
Fragrance: Scentless
Size: 0.75L
Price: $11.77

11. Sofix Parquet 3 in 1 Floor Cleaner

Product image - Sofix Parquet 3 in 1 Floor Cleaner

Sofix Parquet 3 in 1 Floor Cleaner is a versatile and effective solution for keeping your wooden floor spick and span. The formula is gentle enough to be used on delicate wood surfaces and can restore the natural lustre of your floors. 

In addition, it helps to protect your floors from everyday wear and tear. 

Product details
Fragrance: Scentless
Size: 1L
Price: $8.45

FAQs About Floor Cleaner Liquids

Choosing the right floor cleaner liquid can be tricky. Here are some factors to help you determine the right product for your cleaning needs.

• The material of your floor

Choosing a suitable type of floor cleaner depends on the kind of flooring you have. For example, if you have marble flooring, you should use a cleaner that's made specifically for cleaning marble floors. That's because regular cleaners may contain harsh chemicals that can damage your flooring. 

Hence, it's important to choose a cleaner that explicitly states that it's suitable for your flooring.

• Germ protection

While floor cleaner liquids can keep your floor clean, not all of them provide protection against germs. If you want a product that can keep your floor clean and hygienic, opt for one that's formulated to kill bacteria and viruses. This helps to reduce the risk of infection in your home or workplace. 

• Fragrance

Floor cleaner liquids come in a variety of scents. From green apple to lavender, there are numerous options available. If you have a preference for how you would like your home to smell, go for a brand that offers your favourite aroma.

Need a floor cleaner that’s safe for your pets? Here are some of the best floor cleaner liquids to use. Your pet will be glad you made the switch!

• AHA Floor Cleaner

AHA Floor Cleaner is free of ingredients that could be harmful to animals, such as propylene glycol and triclosan. The plant-based formula is just as effective as any other type of cleaner, providing a safer way to keep your floor clean.

• Pump Pump Floor Cleaner

Pump Pump Floor Cleaner uses Japan technology to eliminate 99% of viruses, germs and bacteria. The formula contains only natural ingredients that are friendly to your pet’s skin so you can use it with peace of mind.

• Green Kulture Floor Cleaner Liquid

For a more natural way to keep your floors clean, try this high-performance floor cleaner. It doesn’t leave behind any chemical residue and is made of natural fruit and vegetable enzymes. The cleaner is also biodegradable and safe to use around children and pets.

• Eco-Me Floor Cleaner

This plant-based cleaner doesn't contain harmful substances such as sulphates, ammonia, or bleach. It works well on tile, stone, sealed wood, vinyl, linoleum, and laminate. A fragrance-free option is also available if anyone at home is sensitive to scents. 

• Bio-home Floor Cleaner

Made using 100% plant-based active ingredients, Bio-home Floor Cleaner is gentle on your pets and the environment. Plus, the aromatic lemongrass and green tea scent leaves an inviting aroma in your home.