Mar 2020 Beginner 1 Hour(s)

Getting a proper seal around your sink prevents water penetration.

Here’s the best way to ensure a complete seal around your sink area to make it easier to clean and less prone to water damage and discolouration.


What You Need

  • Selleys No Mould Silicone Sealant
  • Selleys Caulking Gun
  • Utility knife – a small, sharp blade makes cleaning edges safe and easy
  • Rounded spatula
  • A clean rag 
  • Mineral turpentine

How To

  1. Clean your workspace so that it’s free from dust and debris. If necessary, cut away or remove any existing silicone. Contaminants will prevent a decent bond, so wipe over the area with some mineral turpentine.
  2. Load the Selleys No Mould Silicone Sealant cartridge into your Selleys Caulking Gun.
  3. Hold the sealant tip at a 45 degree angle and apply the silicone evenly and with a steady hand. When you reach the end of the area you want to seal, release the lever to stop the flow of silicone.
  4. Use a damp finger or rounded spatula to wipe off any excess product to ensure a smooth, clean finish. Allow the silicone to cure before exposing to water (approximately 72 hours).
  5. Clean up any excess and tools with mineral turpentine before the product cures. 

Handy Tips

  • For neater joints, mask sides before applying sealant and remove tape before sealant skins.
  • Keep sealant cleaned regularly to avoid the build-up of soap scum.